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Often hailed as the best pizza delivery in Laredo, Jalapenos Pizza & Wings has been a favorite destination for local guests who crave pizza and wings for several years.

If you're looking for a good place to treat your taste buds to a little break from the Mexicans, Lolita's is the place to be. With a selection of Mexican dishes, El Capataz is one of the best places in town to dine in Laredo. Zaragoza Grill has won several awards for its fine Latin American cuisine, including being named the best Latin American restaurant in Texas in 2010. The place has a long list of awards, including best Mexican restaurant and best Latin food restaurant in the state of Texas.

This is a family-run restaurant that is fun to host children, but also offers real food for adults. This restaurant offers authentic Mexican cuisine that turns your head, and there's plenty of it for kids too.

The other thing you want to keep in mind is that the Chips and Salsa Bar is one of the best you will find in Laredo. If you want to keep your diet light, you will find a wide selection of fresh, light and super healthy foods. It's a breeze to stick to a diet, but with a healthy snack bar it gets even better.

Behind its modest doors hides a breathtaking modern space that combines rustic charm in hacienda style with modern touches. The place has a beautiful interior that includes a copper bar and a charming veranda overlooking the historic San Agustin Plaza. El Meson SanAgustins is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and has its own private dining room and intimate dining area.

While you'll find a ton of amazing sushi options here, authentic Korean food is dying, and you may not always be full of all the flavors of the spice blends. During the lunch break, stop at the Sandwich Company in Scratch and walk through the drive-through. You may be surprised when you pass through and return to American food as soon as you realize you want to be here.

The Border Foundry Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place for guests who like a little local history in their food. The spot pays homage to the owner Pete Mims' grandfather, who opened a local metal casting factory in the early 20th century.

The place opened in 2010 and chef Nicholas Bellizzia and co-owner and chef Chris D'Agostino are opening their own restaurant and bar in the same building.

Don't miss the typical biscuits, deep-fried, flaky empanadas that might make you believe in a higher power. Sweet potato roast fans are lucky because they have the best in town. Las Kekas was hailed by local magazine Sabor Laredo as "the best sweet potato fries in the state of Texas" and "one of the best in Texas." Meat, marinades and sauces are baked here, so they are not only good for you, but also good for your stomach.

If your taste buds are used to many spices and flavors, order the Buffalo Pizza, which will fill you up faster than a pillow. For starters, think of something more imaginative, starting with oyster nachos and quail wraps in bacon, or you'll start with something less imaginative.

Then take a tempting entree such as peanut tuna or grilled asparagus, or move on to the various steak cuts, which are always perfectly cooked. If you don't have steak on your radar in the evening, pass on the lamb chops, which are so tender they almost melt in your mouth. Start with a lobster biscuit that is perfectly seasoned and creamy enough to make a meal yourself. If you are tempted by appetizers, then take a look at the other menu items, such as peanut tuna, grilled chicken and grilled salmon.

Menu highlights include the seven-ounce butterflyblade, which is grilled with chimichurri and salsa. There are 13- and 23-ounce pieces that are marinated in dry spices and served with garlic-scented fries.

First, guests learn why the Border Foundry is known for its house - linguine served with white rice and chips. Among the most outstanding dishes is the fillet queso fresco, served over bacon - asparagus galore. Excellent menu items include tilapia stuffed with prawns, grilled with onions and served on a rice bed with coriander, cheddar cheese and salsa verde. The excellent dishes include grilled and breaded fish, such as pork belly and chicken breast. Out of the box and outstanding dishes such as the pico de gallo, a quedadilla - such as dish of quinga, chorizo and quinoa with jalapeno - garlic sauce, as well as an appetizer of chicken breasts and a side of pinto beans.

The Border Foundry is one of the nicest places to have a meal in town, so make sure you bring a few extra dollars in your wallet. This place is definitely one of the finer places in Laredo to eat, and it is definitely worth a visit.

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